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EVA Foamiran Craft Flowers
Making mini foam paper flowers is a great way to add beauty and color to any craft or home décor project. With just a few simple supplies, anyone can create colorful and vibrant paper blooms in no time. In this article, we will provide simple instructions for making mini foam paper flowers that will make a beautiful...
Origami3D Christmas tree craft
DIY Paper Christmas tree making at home tutorial for crafts lover. Hello, there is not much time to decorate your Christmas party with color papers. Here you can turn your pieces of green paper in to a 3D Christmas tree. The total making process is show in the following video step by step. Just watch carefully and fold the...
DIY 3D Paper Christmas Tree Craft
How to make a 3D Paper Christmas Tree with color paper is shown in this tutorial. Make this paper Xmas crafts easily and step by with video tutorial to decorate your upcoming holiday party. Required Materials : Green Paper - 16 cm X 16 cm ---- 4 pieces Sky Color Paper - 14 cm X 14 cm ---- 4 pieces Green Paper -...