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Don't Throw Away The Scraps

Are you guilty of tossing out scraps of fabric, paper, or other materials without a second thought? It’s time to rethink that habit! Instead of letting those scraps go to waste, why not turn them into something beautiful and useful? In this blog post, we’ll explore some easy craft ideas for DIY decor that will help you make the most out of your leftover scraps.

1. Fabric Scrap Wall Art:

Gather up your leftover fabric scraps and turn them into eye-catching wall art. Start by cutting the fabric into various shapes and sizes – triangles, squares, or even abstract shapes work well. Then, arrange the fabric pieces on a canvas or wooden board and secure them in place with glue or Mod Podge. The result is a unique and colorful piece of art that adds texture and personality to any room.

2. Paper Scrap Garland:

If you have a collection of colorful paper scraps lying around, why not create a whimsical garland? Cut the paper scraps into small shapes – circles, hearts, or stars – and then string them together using twine or ribbon. Hang the garland above a doorway, across a mantel, or along a wall for a festive touch that’s perfect for any occasion.

3. Scrap Fabric Coasters:

Protect your surfaces in style by making your own fabric coasters from scrap fabric. Cut the fabric scraps into squares or circles, then layer them with a piece of batting in between for added thickness. Sew around the edges to secure the layers together, and voila – you have a set of charming coasters that are both practical and pretty.

4. Scrap Wood Photo Holder:

If you have leftover pieces of wood from other projects, why not turn them into a rustic photo holder? Cut the wood into small blocks or rectangles, then drill a small hole in the top of each piece. Insert a wire or wooden dowel into the hole, and then use mini clothespins to attach photos, notes, or artwork. This simple yet stylish photo holder adds a personal touch to any desk or shelf.

5. Button Bouquet:

Got a jar full of mismatched buttons? Turn them into a delightful button bouquet! Simply thread the buttons onto floral wire, arranging them in layers to create the look of a blooming flower. Twist the wire stems together at the bottom, and then wrap them with floral tape to secure. Place your button bouquet in a vase or jar for a charming centerpiece that will never wilt.

6. Scrappy Fabric Pillow Cover:

Give old throw pillows a fresh new look by covering them with scrap fabric. Cut the fabric scraps into squares or rectangles, then sew them together to create a patchwork design. Use the patchwork fabric to make a new pillow cover, adding a zipper or buttons for closure. Not only will this project breathe new life into your old pillows, but it’s also a great way to showcase your favorite fabric scraps.

7. Scrapbook Paper Wall Decals:

Transform plain walls into works of art with scrapbook paper wall decals. Cut out shapes or designs from colorful scrapbook paper – think flowers, butterflies, or geometric patterns. Then, simply adhere the paper decals to the wall using double-sided tape or removable adhesive. This temporary decor solution is perfect for renters or anyone who likes to change up their decor frequently.

8. Scrappy Yarn Wall Hanging:

Turn leftover yarn scraps into a cozy wall hanging that adds warmth and texture to any space. Start by wrapping yarn around a wooden dowel or branch, varying the colors and textures as you go. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, tie the yarn ends together at the bottom and trim any excess. Hang your yarn wall hanging on a nail or hook for an instant dose of bohemian charm.


Don’t let your scraps go to waste – get creative and turn them into something special! Whether you’re working with fabric, paper, wood, or yarn, there are countless ways to repurpose leftover materials into beautiful DIY decor. So before you toss those scraps in the trash, think about how you can give them new life with these easy craft ideas. Your home (and the planet) will thank you!

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