How To Make Snowflakes Out Of Paper

Make Snowflakes Out Of Paper

One of the most popular activities during wintertime is making snowflakes. As it turns out, you don’t need real snow to craft your own little flakes – all you need is some simple paper and a few crafting supplies. Making paper snowflakes is fairly easy and can be done by people of all ages, so grab the scissors and get ready to make some unique wintery decorations!

As winter approaches, children and adults alike will be looking for ways to get into the festive spirit. One of the most beloved activities associated with the season is making paper snowflakes. From classrooms to living rooms across the world, these intricate creations bring a sense of cheer and fun to any space they inhabit. Creating paper snowflakes is an easy and inexpensive activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Why Make Snowflakes Out Of Paper

Making snowflakes out of paper is a fun, easy craft that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Not only does it create beautiful decorations for the holiday season, but there are also several benefits to making them. Making snowflakes is a great way to bring family and friends together for an enjoyable activity that encourages creativity and bonding. It’s also a good way to teach children about symmetry, geometry, and math in a fun way.

Each snowflake made will be completely unique – no two will ever look the same! Through folding, cutting, and gluing pieces of paper together, people can design their own creative creations with infinite possibilities. Snowflakes are also an inexpensive yet effective decoration that can turn any room into a winter wonderland.

Required Materials

Making snowflakes out of paper is a fun and easy way to decorate your home for the winter season. To get started, there are some essential materials you need to gather before beginning your project. Here’s what you will need:

First, you’ll need some white paper or cardstock. The type of paper and weight isn’t important; any kind will do! You will also want to have pencils and scissors available so that you can draw and cut out the patterns for your snowflakes. If desired, colored markers or glitter pens can be used to enhance the design of your snowflake creations. Finally, it’s helpful to have tape on hand so that you can hang up each finished product in your home or classroom. With these simple materials, you’ll be ready to create beautiful snowflakes in no time at all!

Step 1: Fold the Paper

Making paper snowflakes is a fun and easy craft project for kids of all ages. The first step in making a beautiful paper snowflake is to properly fold the paper. To achieve the classic six-pointed snowflake shape, start by folding your piece of construction paper in half diagonally, then unfold it and refold it in the opposite direction. This will give you a crease that divides the paper into four equal sections.

Next, fold each section in half again so that it forms two triangles side by side on top of each other with their tips pointing up. Once folded, press down along each crease to make sure they are nice and crisp before moving on to the next step: cutting out shapes! With just these few simple steps you’ll soon have perfect little snowflakes ready to decorate your windows or walls this winter season.

Step 2: Cut into a Shape

Making snowflakes out of paper is a fun and simple craft that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Step two in this easy-to-follow guide will have you cut into your chosen shape. First, decide what kind of snowflake you want to make; each one is unique and beautiful! Take your scissors and cut away at the paper, ensuring it looks symmetrical.

This step is important for making sure all sides of your snowflake look even when complete. When cutting, it helps to hold the paper with both hands so as not to damage or rip the edges. If you’re having trouble getting a precise cut, try using an X-Acto knife instead of scissors; this device allows for more control over your design! Once all sections are cut according to size and shape, use tweezers to carefully separate them from one another.

Step 3: Add Details

Creating a snowflake out of paper is an age-old craft that can be adapted to any skill level. To make a beautiful snowflake, it’s important to take the time and add some details. Step 3 of this process is adding those extra little touches that make the snowflake stand out from the rest.

Once you have cut your six-sided snowflake shape, use scissors to create notches along each side. These notches will give the edges of your snowflake texture and interest. You can also explore adding small cuts or holes in various places on your design as well as folding back some edges for more dimension. If you are using colored paper, consider crinkling up sections before unfolding them again for added texture and realism. There are many possibilities when it comes to adding details; get creative and see what looks best with your own unique piece!

Step 4: Unfold and Hang

Making paper snowflakes is an easy activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and Step 4: Unfold and Hang are integral to the process. To begin this step, you will need to carefully unfold your snowflake shape. When you do, you may be pleased with the intricate patterns that have been created through folding and cutting! To hang your snowflake, use either a piece of clear thread or a fishing line to tie it around its center.

Secure the string at either end with a dab of glue if necessary. Once hung up in a window or on a wall, your homemade paper snowflake should look beautiful against any background for weeks of enjoyment. If desired, you can even add some glitter or paint for added sparkle and pizzazz. Get creative – no two snowflakes will ever be alike!


In conclusion, paper snowflake decorating is a great way to get creative with decorations while having a lot of fun at the same time. With just a few simple materials, such as scissors, paper, markers, or glitter glue, you can easily create beautiful snowflake decorations that will help to make your home feel festive throughout the winter season. So grab your supplies and have some fun making these unique creations!

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