Easy To Make Origami Lucky Star -Origami Lucky Star Tutorial

Origami Lucky Stars are an ancient art form that has been popularized in recent times. Origami Lucky Stars can be folded from just a single sheet of square paper and require no fancy tools or materials to create. They are easy to make and look great when hung from ceilings, branches, or even as a part of a greeting card. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make your own Origami Lucky Star, then this article is for you!

Origami is an excellent way to relax and unwind, as well as express your creativity. Making origami lucky stars is a great activity for all ages, whether you are a beginner or an advanced paper folder. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make these lovely little stars with ease. All you need are some papers of any size and color and our simple tutorial! What is Origami Lucky Star?

Materials Needed

Origami Lucky Star is a fun and easy way to add some extra luck to any special occasion. With a few simple supplies, you can make enough of these stars for an entire room full of decorations. This tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create your own Origami Lucky Star. All you’ll need are two pieces of origami paper, scissors and something pointed such as a pen or pencil to crease the paper. With just these simple materials, you’ll be able to make a bright star that can hang from the ceiling or even be used as part of an origami bouquet. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Fold a Piece of Paper

Origami Lucky Stars are a fun, simple craft project that everyone can enjoy. This tutorial will show you how to create your own Origami Lucky Star in just a few easy steps. Step One is to fold a piece of paper. You can use any type of paper you have on hand; traditional origami paper or an ordinary piece of printer paper will work equally well for this project.

Folding the paper is the first step and there are several methods that can be used depending on the size and shape of your sheet of paper. Start by folding one side over so that it meets with the opposite edge and press the fold flat with your fingertips. Continue folding in this manner until each side has been folded over three times and then unfold everything again. Now you have a divided square ready for creating your Origami Lucky Star!

Step 2: Make the Stripes

Creating an origami lucky star is a great way to add a little luck to your day. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and you will be able to make your own origami lucky star in no time! Step 2 of the process is creating the stripes.

To create the stripes, start by folding one piece of square paper in half diagonally so it looks like a triangle. Then fold it again in half and unfold it. This should have created three creases that form a cross shape when unfolded. Take one of the sides with two creases and fold each side into the middle crease, forming small triangles on both sides of the paper. Flip over, then repeat on the other side until all four corners are folded into triangles. This creates eight even stripes on each side of your paper – now you’re ready for step 3!

Step 3: Create the Star Points

Creating the star points is the third step of making an origami lucky star. It is important to note that this step requires a lot of patience and practice in order to get it right. Beginners should try folding and unfolding a few times before continuing on to the next step.

Start by taking one strip and folding it in half lengthwise, with the colored side facing down. Next, fold each end towards the center as if you were wrapping a present; keep repeating until you have a small triangle at one end. Lastly, unfold your strip back into its original shape and repeat these steps on all strips to create your star points! With practice and perseverance, you will soon be able to master this craft in no time!

Step 4: Join the Stars

If you’ve followed the steps in this origami lucky star tutorial, then you are almost at the finish line! Step 4 involves joining all of your stars together to make a beautiful paper chandelier. This is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of this project as it is when your hard work will start to show.

You’ll need a length of good quality string or wool that’s long enough for the number of stars you have made. Make sure each one is securely attached by tying an overhand knot around each star before adding another one onto the string. When all stars have been connected together, tie a loop in either end so that you can hang up your origami lucky star chandelier. You can also add a few beads or other decorations if desired to make it extra special!

Step 5: Make Additional Stars

For the fifth and final step of this easy-to-make origami lucky star tutorial, we will show you how to create additional stars. To get started, you will need a thin sheet of paper for each star you plan to make. If you don’t have any origami paper around, try using construction paper or even printer paper! Once you have your materials, fold the sheet in half diagonally and then unfold it.

Then fold it again diagonally in the opposite direction from the first fold and unfold it once more. Now it’s time to start folding! Fold one corner of the triangle towards the center point at a forty-five-degree angle. With each corner of the triangle folded inwards like that, hold onto both sides with your fingers and press down gently on either side until all four corners meet at one point – this is now your basic origami star shape!


Origami Lucky Stars are a fun, easy-to-make craft that is ideal for all ages. With just a few simple steps, anyone can make an origami star to bring good luck and fortune. This tutorial has provided you with the instructions needed to make your own Origami Lucky Star.

By following this step-by-step guide you should now have successfully made an Origami Lucky Star of your own! You could even use multiple pieces of paper in different colors to mix up the design and give it more of a unique look and feel. So, why not put your new origami skills to the test and get creative with this classic Japanese craft? Your friends will be sure to be impressed!

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